Bentley — Inspirator

Role: Senior Art Director  /  Agency: VML


Bentley wanted to increase the number of customers who commissioned a custom car, instead of a stock model.

For a luxury brand with 1.5 billion combinations available, customers could find the choice overwhelming. Rather than resort to the functional, we sought to start with a tailored, emotional experience.

The app was downloaded 10,000 times in the first 90 days and has received recognition from PSFK, Bloomberg, Daily Mail and numerous luxury & auto publications. The campaign won a BIMA, was shortlisted for 3 more, and is currently shortlisted for 4 DADI awards.


We created an ambitious interactive film that used ground-breaking technology to read the emotional reactions of viewers to different lifestyles. 77 facial movements were tracked, and this data was used to give customers a unique, bespoke Bentley as a starting point.

Multiple routes

Viewers' emotional responses also dictated the story of the film, resulting in different narratives that reflected the type of lifestyle that the viewer gravitated towards.

Inspired by you

After watching their tailored film, viewers were presented with a Bentley inspired by their reactions.

Delving deeper

They were then able to learn more about the incredible details of the car, and why each was chosen specifically for them.

My role

I was responsible for the initial concept, refining the idea and getting client buy-in through multiple presentations, and ultimately art directing the shoot and digital experience.