Xbox — Watch_Dogs

Role: Senior Art Director  /  Agency: VML

Xbox wanted to use the launch of blockbuster title Watch Dogs as an opportunity to encourage gamers to upgrade to Xbox One. In the game’s dystopian, hyper-connected world, two opposing factions play prominent roles: the corrupt Blume corporation and DedSec, a clandestine group of hacktivists.

Two sides to every story

I created a subversive campaign told from both perspectives, extending the game's universe. Fans received conflicting messages from the two factions, both vying for their trust. A distinctive visual identity and tone of voice was developed for both sides.

Freedom fighters

The campaign culminated in a 'hacked' message sent from Blume, intercepted by DedSec, which directed fans to an Anonymous-inspired film.

Security notice

Having captivated the audience, Blume sent a final message advising fans to upgrade their systems in order to avoid future attacks. Without breaking the narrative, we communicated the benefits of the Xbox One to cynical fans, convincing them to upgrade.

Finishing touches

Throughout the project I was keen to add subtle details that gaming fans could enjoy. I got stuck in and created all the ASCII art used in the campaign, even inserting hidden messages into the source code of emails.